30 november 2009

Årets tre snyggaste New York Magazine-omslag

Omslagsporr från New York Magazine - alla från 2009 samlade här. Baksidorna listar tre favoriter (!):



Don’t panic about H1N1’s return—or the dangers of taking a vaccine for it—unless it mutates. Then: Panic!



Woody Allen and Larry David's new film, Whatever Works, is both a greeting and a farewell, a film that marks Allen's return to the city as well as a reminder that a certain kind of comedy has vanished (may it rest in peace).



A tenet of the president’s campaign was that rationality would ultimately break down the divisions that separate us. But while there may not really be red or blue states, there are states of reason and states of emotion. And in American politics there is a war between those states as old as the country itself.

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