11 februari 2012

It's all politics

En lördag i februari är varken mer eller mindre än ett glas Treo, pilotavsnittet av HBO:s nya dramaserie "Luck" (som jag förresten skrev om i går), en chokladglass sänd från himlen, några sidor i David Carrs briljanta biografi och - förstås - David Remnick:

... Then there is Romney, who, despite his losses this week is still the odds-on favorite to win the nomination; once again, he betrays himself as utterly devoid of principle. He is a kind of moral and political vacuum, and the only convincing thing about him is that he wants very much to be President of the United States. On whose side, in defense of what—all that seems beside the point. He is a vaporous and shifting mirage. In 1994, in the Massachusetts Senate race, Romney tried to position himself to Edward Kennedy’s left on gay and lesbian issues and was almost ferociously pro-choice; he now declares himself prepared to support, in effect, a constitutional ban on gay marriage and vows to appoint Supreme Court Justices who would join Scalia, Thomas, and Alito on the right. (How can you possibly believe in a candidate who reverses himself, in late middle age, on an issue as elemental as abortion when it is so plain it is done for electoral advantage?)

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