07 maj 2009

John Kerry: "Dagstidningarna är en utrotningshotad art"

Intressant rapport från någon paneldebatt om dagstidningarnas framtid i Huffington Post i dag:
"Layoffs, closings and cutbacks have turned the nation's newspapers into an 'endangered species' as readers and advertisers rush to Web sites, said Sen. John Kerry [...]

'High-end journalism is dying in America and unless a new economic model is achieved, it will not be reborn on the Web or anywhere else, [David] Simon said.'

Arianna Huffington, editor in chief of The Huffington Post, a Web site of opinion and news, said that despite all the hand-wringing about the decline of the newspaper industry, these are good times for news consumers. Huffington said the future of journalism is not dependent on the future of newspapers.

'No, the future is to be found elsewhere,' she said. 'It is a linked economy. It is search engines. It is online advertising. It is citizen journalism and foundation-supported investigative funds. That's where the future is.'
Den där Huffington är inte dum. Inte dum alls. Varken sajten eller personen.

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